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Published:November 24th, 2008 11:16 EST
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Hitting The Bottle Again

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lohan was caught on surveillance footage last week sneaking Gray Goose Vodka into a glass, and mixing it with Red Bull. After a short stint in jail and a longer stay in rehab, Lohan was suppose to be off the booze, but it would appear that the only difference today is she`s hiding her drinking better."

Lindsay Lohan

The Inquisitr

After a stint in rehab and numerous brushes with the law, Lohan pronounced herself "alcohol free". I am shocked, shocked, shocked to learn that the troubled pop star is boozing it up again.

Dear Lord, what other incredible news will be next? Oprah Winfrey caught stuffing her face with bon bons? Britney Spears flashing the press again? Madonna dating an 18-year-old? New Paris Hilton movie bombs at the box office? Sarah Palin goes on a moose killing frenzy after losing the election?

Lindsay has proven by her behavior that`s she`s not a rocket scientist, so let me break it down for her. Girlfriend, spending your nights hopping from club to club is not conducive to a sober lifestyle. Honey, if you are going to sneak a drink do it at home and not in a club where there`s a gazillion and one security cameras.

Lindsay might not be hitting the bottle if she had less drama in her life. I`d suggest that she ditch her girlfriend who looks like a 14-year-old boy, and instead be a Big Sister to a 14-year old girl. Scratch that, under Lohan`s tutelage that poor girl would turn into a little nightmare.

Here`s the video of Lohan hitting the bottle: