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Published:November 28th, 2008 18:30 EST
Crowd Boos Paris Hilton

Crowd Boos Paris Hilton, She Breaks Down In Tears

By Robert Paul Reyes

Paris Hilton has survived many humiliating incidents in her young life. Paris is only 27 but already she`s suffered the embarrassment of having her sex tape leaked on the Internet, and who can forget the drama and histrionics associated with her stint in jail?

Crowd Boos Paris HiltonBut nothing compares to the mortification and disgrace that the pop diva suffered the other night:

"Paris Hilton is said to have been reduced to tears at a nightclub appearance earlier this week.

The heiress was due to take to the stage for the 16th birthday party of socialite Crystal Audigier at LA`s Kress nightclub.

But when the crowd realised their surprise guest was Paris, 27, they started to boo.

It`s thought they expected Britney Spears, 26, instead."

This incident is proof beyond doubt that the brainless bimbo has reached rocked bottom. If you`re an entertainer and the crowd boos you because they were expecting Britney Spears instead, your career is over.

Britney, god bless her soul, is a basket case who can`t breathe and lip synch at the same time. But the discerning audience preferred Britney instead of Hilton, the celebutante must be devastated.

This horrible episode comes in the heels of Hilton`s wretched new movie, that has been panned as the worst flick of all time.

Hilton should do herself and the world a favor, and disappear from the spotlight for a couple of years.