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Published:December 6th, 2008 14:54 EST

Movies Are Recession-Proof

By Robert Paul Reyes

"True to form and in keeping with past recessions, Amer icans are flocking to the movies, the chief executive of the largest U.S. theater chain said on Wednesday.

`We`re approximately two-thirds of the way through the quarter, and we are having a very good fourth quarter this year compared to last year as an industry,` Regal Entertainment Group`s CEO Mike Campbell told Reuters.

Movie theaters are seeing double-digit growth in box office revenue and high single-digit growth in attendance so far this quarter on the appeal of films like `Twilight,` `Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa,` and `Bolt,` according to Campbell."


Times are tough and Americans are finding ways to cut costs and save a few bucks. We have less money but just as much free time, what can we do with our leisure time? Taking the family to the ballpark or the gridiron field is out of the question -- major league sports have priced themselves out of the range of poor and working class families.

It`s not healthy to stay cooped up all day watching TV, fooling around on the Internet or playing video games. There are still a few relatively inexpensive forms of entertainment, let`s consider a couple of them.

Bowling is a lot of fun and for a few greenbacks you can have hours of entertainment, but it`s not considered a cool thing to do. The solution is to go bowling and don`t bother telling your hipster friends how you spent your evening. They`ll never find out, because they are too sophisticated to ever walk into a bowling alley, right?

Visiting a museum will only set you back a couple of bucks, and it`s a great way to meet chicks., A lot of artsy fartsy ladies frequent museums, and they are easily impressed if you offer a mindless critique of a painting. Just say whatever comes to your mind, it doesn`t have to make any sense. "This painting is post modern, but yet the bold brush strokes remind me of an old-fashioned country dance in Siberia." You will have her phone number before you can say: Wow, this is too easy!

You don`t have to take out a second mortgage to take the wife and kids to the movie. You can buy a jumbo box of popcorn and after ten free refills you won`t have to worry about buying them dinner after the movie.

If the economy continues to tank expect a lot more escapist entertainment from Hollywood. We will see less serious movies and more fluff like Twilight. Dracula must be turning over in his grave, who ever heard of a vampire movie with no blood and no sex?

If you are reading this essay you are most likely at home, log off and go bowling or to the movies. Sure the economy is in the toilet, but you can still have fun without going into debt.