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Published:December 10th, 2008 10:26 EST
PETA Warns Britney Not To Use Animals In Videos

PETA Warns Britney Not To Use Animals In Videos

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Britney Spears has recently been celebrating her sixth studio album, `Circus` with a slew of supporting performances and appearances, but not everyone is celebrating the pop star`s moment under the big top. On Monday, the animal rights organization PETA released a statement condemning Spears` new video for the title track of her album.

The organization alleges that `cruelly trained lions and elephants` were used for the `Circus` video. The group claims they wrote to the pop star explaining `how trainers shock, whip, and beat exotic animals into performing.`"

Britney neglects and mistreats her own children, it`s doubtful that PETA can convince her to stop abusing animals. Britney may get away with driving while her baby is bouncing on her lap, but she ain`t gonna get away with allowing animals to be mistreated.

Britney should consider the example of Michael Vick, his career was ruined and he was sentenced to prison for killing and torturing dogs. NFL players routinely get away with murder (literally and figuratively), but the American people aren`t going to put up with an athlete or a celebrity who mistreats animals.

PETA has publicly warned Britney to stop using animals in her videos and live performances. PETA doesn`t play around, Britney should consider what recently happened to her fellow bimbo. A few weeks ago Lindsay Lohan was doused with flour because of her penchant for wearing fur.

I don`t belive in violence, and I consider pouring flour on someone an act of violence, but animal lovers should boycott Britney Spears if she makes any more videos featuring our animal friends.

Advice for Britney: The paparazzi are cuddly Teddy Bears compared to PETA supporters.