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Published:December 11th, 2008 10:05 EST
Obama is Doing a Great Job says Hilton

Obama is Doing a Great Job says Hilton

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paris Hilton, who was thrust into the US presidential election campaign in an ad by Republican candidate John McCain, on Tuesday gave president-elect Barack Obama`s performance so far the thumbs up.

"I think Obama is doing a really good job. Maybe it will be my turn one day but for now let`s leave it to Obama," the famed hotel heiress told reporters in Madrid when asked if she planned to run for president one day."


I realize that only entertainment reporters cover Paris Hilton, but even they shouldn`t ask the clueless bimbo if she plans on running for president. This is the only type of question that reporters should ask Hilton: Will you don underwear if Victoria`s Secret hires you as a spokesperson?

Paris Hilton may be an expert on haute couture, but she doesn`t know Jack about politics. Who cares if Paris thinks that Obama is doing a good job, she`s not a political analyst.

The delusional heiress thinks that one day she may president, probably the same day as this bald cranky columnist will be hired as a runway model. What might we see in a Hilton administration? I wouldn`t be surprised if she replaced the Presidential Seal with the Gucci logo. State dinners would have a strict dress code: Ladies will not be admitted unless they are designer-clad, but wearing underwear will be optional. The Lincoln Bedroom would be converted into a boutique, and the Oval Office would have a waterbed instead of a desk. In a Hilton press conferences only reporters from People magazine and Entertainment Tonight would be allowed to ask questions.

Hilton was in Spain to promote a social networking Internet site, now that`s something the party girl knows a lot about. For the good of the country let`s hope that Hilton sticks to being a social butterfly, and keeps out of politics. If Sarah Palin is considered a legitimate vice-presidential candidate, then a Hilton presidency just might be possible