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Published:January 1st, 2009 17:26 EST
Paris Hilton

Aussies Condemn Paris Hilton For Shopping Spree

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paris Hilton thinks she`s a savior via her shopping addiction and is here to help along struggling economies world-wide. Nobel Prize contender!

She`s in Australia to host a New Year`s Eve party tonight, and the Australian press gave her flack for spending $3,844 in a 40 minute shopping spree. Have these people even heard of this trick? That`s like a trip to the convenience store for her.

Some Australian politician came to her defense, and said Paris should be commended for recognizing Australia as a shopping and fashion destination."

The gossips at Socialitelife.Celebuzz.Com have a lot more sense than the Aussie pundits and politicians who condemned Hilton`s shopping spree.

Paris Hilton hasn`t dedicated her life to philanthropy, finding a cure for cancer or researching quantum mechanics. The pop diva lives to flash her nether regions, party till she drops and SHOP! It`s unreasonable to expect Hilton not to shop, might as well demand that Oprah Winfrey stop gobbling bon bons, and that Bush quit dropping malapropisms at a maddening pace.

I can`t believe the Australians got their panties in a twist because the high-living socialite spent $3,844 in a 40 minute shopping spree. Hilton should be commended for her restraint, that`s not even chump change for her.

Hilton is a one-woman economic stimulus plan, Obama should order her to hit the boutiques in all the major American cities to try to restart our struggling economy.

Hilton is also our major defense against another terrorist attack, in the aftermath of the devastation Hilton can go on a nationwide shopping spree to demonstrate to the world that the terrorists aren`t winning. isn`t that right, President Bush?

Paris Hilton should come back to the states immediately, the brutes down under don`t understand our national treasure. Baby, please come back home, we love you just as you are.