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Published:January 3rd, 2009 18:17 EST
Mystery Surrounding Death of John Travolta's Son

Mystery Surrounding Death of John Travolta's Son

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Actor John Travolta`s 16-year-old son was found dead on Friday in the Bahamas.

Jett Travolta suffered a seizure at his family`s vacation home.

He was the oldest child of John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston. The couple also has a daughter.

Jett Travolta had a history of seizures, the family`s lawyer said, and he had one before falling and hitting his head on a bathtub."


This is a tragedy for the Travolta family, and sad news for the many fans of John Travolta. What John Travolta needs right now are the support and good wishes of his many fans, what he doesn`t need are the rumors and second-guessing that`s swirling around the death of his son.

John Travolta is a Scientologist and members of that cult don`t believe in taking medication for injuries or diseases. Some are speculating that Travolta`s son may have died because he wasn`t given medication for his seizures. This may or may not be true, let`s wait until Travolta has time to grieve and the autopsy results are in before we level any accusations.

I abhor the cult of Scientology, but I won`t use Travolta`s personal tragedy as an excuse to condemn Scientology. John Travolta and his family are in my thoughts, and I hope that the press respects his privacy in his time of grief.