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Published:January 15th, 2009 16:46 EST
paris hilton

Golden Globes Kicks Paris Hilton To The Curb

By Robert Paul Reyes

Paris Hilton has no discernible talent, she has failed miserably as a singer and actress. Nevertheless in her heyday Hilton received thousands of bucks to attend parties and special events.

But the pop tart has worn out her welcome, she`s persona non grata at hoity-toity events. The socialites, poseurs, Eurotrash and celebs have had enough of Hilton`s antics.

Needless to say Hilton wasn`t nominated for a Golden Globe for her wretched performance in her last movie, but the talentless brat decided to gatecrash a post-Golden Globes party.

"Paris just can`t seem to get her head around the fact that her time is well and truly over. Never one to know when she is not wanted, which I would say is very often, Paris decided to sneak into the Creative Artist Agency`s big post-Golden Globes party.

CAA`s Kevin Huvane caught site of Paris sneaking in and demanded she be removed from the premises.

On hearing that she was about to be chucked out of the party, Paris responded in the most appropriate way for her.

She hid in the toilet."

I almost feel sorry for Paris Hilton -- almost. Does Paris think she`s still in high school when kids hid out in the toilet from the vice-principal? Paris Hilton doesn`t belong in a party populated by the most gifted actors in the world, she belongs in the toilet.