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Published:January 20th, 2009 20:17 EST
paris hilton

Is The World Ready For Another Paris Hilton Sex Tape?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New Paris Hilton sex tape said to exist.

This one is said to be set in a NYC Taxi.

The hotel heiress has dabbled in both singing and acting, but its her amateur sex tapes that he garnered her the most most fame and sales. First there was the infamous "One Night in Paris" video, and then came the unnamed film shot in night vision. Now there is said to be a third Hilton sex tape floating around, this one set in a NYC taxi."

"New Paris Hilton sex tape said to exist" is as surprising as a headline that reads "Oprah Winfrey has two pigs in her freezer" or "Clay Aiken comes out of the closet."

Paris Hilton has failed as a singer and as an actress, and now she`s even shunned by the socialite set weary of her antics. Hilton`s movies may bomb at the box office and her songs may fail to hit the charts, but the pop tart can always count on her sex tapes to garner her a lot of publicity. I wouldn`t be surprised if the pop diva has many sex tapes in her closet, each one ready to be unveiled when her career hits another low point.

There`s probably a whole series of sex tapes featuring the bimbo having sex in different kinds of vehicles, there might even be one of Paris slumming and sexing it up in a bus.

"New Paris Hilton sex tape" is not news, "Hilton`s Oscar-worthy performance in new film" or "Hilton channels Judy Garland in new release" -- now that would be news.