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Published:January 27th, 2009 12:19 EST
lindsay lohan

Newsflash: Lindsay Lohan Looks Like A Skeleton

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan revealed the shocking extent of her recent weight loss as she shopped for clothes at the weekend.

The actress - whose weight has fluctuated dramatically over the years - looked unhealthily thin as she wandered around a shoe store in New York with her mother Dina and sister Ali.

Lindsay Lohan

The Mean Girls star`s spine and shoulder-blades were painfully visible as she tried on clothes, whilst her waist and thighs were almost non-existent in a grey leotard teamed with her trademark leggings."

Most people are probably thinking: Who cares, she`s probably on cocaine again. I`m tired of reading about that bimbo!

I can certainly sympathize with folks who are sick and tired of reading about the latest antics of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. But unfortunately a lot of kids look up to Lohan, and they emulate everything she does. Lohan markets a line of leggings, and it`s no surprise that they are a big hit with the younger set.

Young girls don`t just copy what Lohan wears, they also try to look like her as much as possible. And if Lohan resembles a skeleton, a lot of teen girls will go on a crash diet so they can be like her.

Lohan is an emotional, spiritual, and physical wreck, and it`s a tragedy that she`s a role model. In a perfect world girls would follow in the footsteps of Michelle Obama, and not copy everything a Hollywood bimbo says and does. But we don`t live in a perfect world, and children pattern themselves after celebrities.

For the good of Lohan and her multitudes of young admirers, I hope she makes an appointment with a physician and a psychiatrist.