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Published:February 2nd, 2009 14:48 EST
Jessica Simpson Not A Fat Pig: Press Should Leave Her Alone

Jessica Simpson Not A Fat Pig: Press Should Leave Her Alone

By Robert Paul Reyes

Entertainment reporters are in a twitter about Jessica Simpson`s new curvaceous body. From their reaction you would gather that the few pounds Jessica has gained is one of the signs of the impending Apocalypse. This is a non-story, in my humble opinion Jessica has never looked more fantastic.

Show Biz reporters should make fun of talentless bimbos like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and leave semi-talented, hardworking celebs alone. Jessica may not be a brain surgeon, and she`s not the greatest singer in the world, but at least she doesn`t flash her nether regions or make sex tapes.

Jessica`s friends in the biz have jumped to her defense:

"Several spoke to Us Weekly with kind words for Simpson:

`She looks healthy, she`s got curves, she`s Jessica Simpson! Give me a break!,` said Lisa Rinna.

Paula Abdul said, `I think this is absolutely ridiculous. People are being so mean. People don`t realize that it`s damaging to one`s psyche.`

And Vera Wang, who designed Simpson`s 2002 wedding dress, said, `I think some people forget that stars are just human beings, and stuff happens.`"

Wang was trying to be supportive, but she should have kept her comments to herself. Her "stuff happens" remarks gives the impression that she thinks that gaining a few pounds is a horrible thing. Jessica is not a fat pig, she`s a big-boned healthy, corn-fed country gal.

I`m not a fan of Jessica`s music or films, but I think she`s a sweet lady, and I hope that the press gets off her back.