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Published:February 10th, 2009 11:52 EST
McCartney Kicks Paris Hilton To The Curb

McCartney Kicks Paris Hilton To The Curb

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Socialite Paris Hilton wanted to sing a duet with Paul McCartney at a Grammy post-show party and approached him, but the Beatles legend turned down her request. reports that she met McCartney and said: `I`d love to do a duet with you. I`m a singer too and have had an album out.`"

I have to give my props to Hilton for having the chutzpah to approach the musical legend about performing a duet with him. A Hilton/McCartney collaboration would make the dreadful Stevie Wonder/McCartney duet "Ebony and Ivory" sound like the greatest recording of all time.

Hilton`s attempt to lure McCartney to perform with her was doomed when she had to remind him that she`s also a singer. Hilton has an irritating persona, a weak and pathetic voice and her albums have bombed; if she`s a singer so is every amateur crooning "Feelings" at a karaoke bar.

I commend the Times of India for describing Hilton as a socialite and not as a singer or actress. In fact I can`t remember any reputable publication referring to the pop diva as a singer.

Sir Paul McCartney is a gentleman and he politely turned down Hilton`s request, but not every artist is a gentleman and a scholar. I strongly advise Hilton not to ask any other singer to perform with her, she might get an earful.