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Published:February 11th, 2009 16:51 EST
Viva Liason!

Viva Liason!

By Garrett Godwin

LAS VEGAS: Valentine`s Day came early, as Sin City had the SALE of the year-- The Second Annual Liason Event, that is, which took place less than a month ago at The Palazzo Hotel & Casino, where General Hospital fans of white-black knight/mob enforcer Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and patient, compassionate nurse Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) came to the Strip on January 24th to meet, greet and support the onscreen pair who has been giving them a mixture of danger, yet sweet and sexy romantic tension since late August 1999.

"This was my 42nd birthday and my husband agreed to take me to my first ever fan event" Trish Lyle (Ridgland, MS) said in the Soap Opera Digest (SOD) Insider. "Steve is so good-looking with the bluest eyes, hilarious, down to earth and sincere. Becky is so beautiful, sincere, calm and angelic. This was a birthday that I will cherish forever-- not just for meeting Steve and Becky, but for the many Liason fans who share that same passion for Jason, Elizabeth, Cam and Jake to be a FAMILY!!!!"

And it is that same passion that kept viewers campaigning to have their Liason over the past ten years through comment calls, emails, letters, online petitions, putting out ads to SOD and even to the Chicago Sun-Times last Christmas Eve that said:

  • Do You Believe in Love?
    Calling ABC/General Hospital:
    "Chicago says Reunite Jason & Liz!"
    (323) 671-4583 or (818) 460-7477

    A recent SOD Insider stated that GH fans has recently held the record for most postcards sent for Jason & Elizabeth in order to "Monopolize a Winning Couple."

    "Jason and Elizabeth have a three-dimensional relationship with depth and more layers than any other couple," said Tracy of Olney, Maryland. "They have a knack of knowing when the other is in trouble."

    Though there are equal fanbases of Liz & Lucky (LL3) as well as Jason & Sam (JaSam), Liason has been the most vocal and outspoken, as fans believed that this couple is so underwritten that they had a beginning and an abrupt end-- but not a middle. "It could be so simple for Jason and Elizabeth to be together as a family but the writers keep choosing to tear them apart which makes no sense after 10 years of push and pull story lines" Christy, 23 (Wilmington, NC). Even though they`re outspoken about the direction the Emmy-winning daytime favorite has been going-- with the mob front and center, where crime and violence are overrun on the streets of Port Charles. "GH needs to reevaluate the characters" commented Chris, 29 (Las Vegas). "They have everyone in stereotypes and they can`t evolve the characters that much. I would like a scene where Jason and Elizabeth meet where they agree being apart isn`t working and they decide to be together and work on being a family. They should not focus on everyone else`s problems. They should focus on themselves."

  • Still, Liasonites know that the only crimes for them aren`t seeing their favorite couple together, being a family and revealing the paternity of the son Jake-- which they believe has great storyline potential; not only for Jason & Elizabeth, but, also, according to Tracy, have the opportunity for the Quartermaines to be involved as well.

    "For ten years," 29-year-old Mary of Los Angeles answered, "their relationship is always growing and the connection is still there when they are with other people. The reasons for them not to be together are silly and weird. Why can everyone else be with Jason but not Liz? It is challenging for them to be together and they make it easier to watch GH. I`d like to see Jason and Elizabeth together and be like Luke and Laura, the kind of couple that`s always connected. I`d like for them to get married and be a family and be the couple GH brings back years from now like Robert and Anna."

    If you still believe in the power as well as the love of Jason & Elizabeth, then call ABC at (323) 671-4583 and/or (818) 460-7477.