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Published:February 17th, 2009 19:33 EST
Lindsay Lohan: Skeleton With Fish Lips

Lindsay Lohan: Skeleton With Fish Lips

By Robert Paul Reyes

"I don`t know what it is with celebrities but Lindsay Lohan is the latest one to fall victim to fish lips. Yes, Lindsay Lohan, who is looking more and more like she`s in her 40s, recently got lip injections in an effort to hang on to her youth and make herself more marketable, I`m guessing."

No director worth his salt will risk a multi-million production by hiring the unpredictable and unreliable Lindsay Lohan. The pop tart is persona non grata in Hollywood, she can`t garner publicity by practicing her craft. The only way that Lindsay can remain in the spotlight is by acting outrageously and irresponsibly.

Lindsay`s latest bid for attention is the fish lips look, hundreds of celebrities and other bimbos have attained this ridiculous look by injecting collagen into their lips.

Angelina Jolie`s full lips are sexy and hot, but any other actress who seeks to imitate her is doomed to look like a fish.

Maybe Lindsay is trying to distract attention away from her anorexic body, she resembles a skeleton with a fish head instead of a skull.

Lindsay should put on some weight, kick her girlfriend to the curb, and give up the fish lips look.