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Published:February 19th, 2009 15:40 EST
SNL Alumnus Already Getting Acquainted with Late-Night Seat

SNL Alumnus Already Getting Acquainted with Late-Night Seat

By Christopher HIllenbrand

As the moment for Conan O`Brien to take Jay`s seat on The Tonight Show  approaches, O`Brien`s replacement eagerly awaits his chance to air his corny brand of comedy to audiences at 12:30 AM.



Jimmy Fallon had been a comedy trouper with Saturday Night Live  from 1999 thru 2004 before he turned his sights to a film career. Last year, he signed with NBC to occupy Conan`s time slot on March 3rd. Conan then takes over The Tonight Show  in June once Jay Leno moves to 10:00 with another entirely different show. And even with the date still around the corner, Fallon has already taken the Late Night  desk for a ride.


Fallon spoke fondly of the immense opportunity to be the host of Late Night  to reporters from his seat at the Rag & Bone presentation during New York Fashion Week. He mentioned to media that he had actually cozied up into the niche Conan impressed into the Late Night chair for the past 15 and a half years that night.


He`s had experience at the hosting gig in MTV Award shows in the past but never on center stage every night during the work week. But this won`t be the first host of Late Night  to have minimal experience at the job.


Conan O`Brien had been a relative unknown before he deposed the vacancy David Letterman left when Letterman signed to do The Late Show  on CBS. Despite a rocky start in his first 3 years, O`Brien has steadily developed an audience of college-educated individuals and anyone fond of his silly, self-deprecating humor in the past 12 years.


Fallon seems the shoo-in to fill O`Brien`s zany loafers. His roles on SNL and Fever Pitch, his appearances on television specials, and his musical parodies solidified his reputation as a dependable comic, who was not self-conscious and capable of mocking celebrities with the best of em.


Once Conan exits the Late Night set for good, NBC will have a completely different set constructed ready for March 3rd.


Unlike O`Brien, Fallon has known about his Late Night appointment for almost a year. According to Fallon, he and his writing staff already finished the first show`s script. We got "em,  Fallon asserted Friday night concerning his first show`s guests.