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Published:March 1st, 2009 14:39 EST
Birthday Girl Paris Hilton Has Fun On Her Stripper's Pole

Birthday Girl Paris Hilton Has Fun On Her Stripper's Pole

By Robert Paul Reyes

With the ominous year 2012 looming in the near future and our economy in a shambles more than a few people are preparing for the Apocalypse. It`s not unusual for homeowners to build a pantry or a secret room stocked with bottled water, medical supplies and cans of food. The wealthy might even build a bomb shelter or an underground bunker, and then there`s Paris Hilton.

Hilton is prepared to weather the Great Tribulation, her mansion has a swimming pool, tennis courts, a move theatre and a nightclub complete with a stripper`s pole. While the Antichrist is slaughtering peasants and causing mayhem, Hilton and her degenerate pals can ride the storm showing off their pole dancing skills.

But Paris Hilton is already making good use of her stripper`s pole:

"Infamous for her antics, heiress Paris Hilton celebrated her 28th birthday by showing off her pole dancing skills to guests. reports, Hilton partied with family and celebrity friends until 5 a.m. in a private nightclub at her Beverly Hills mansion, where she had the pole installed.

The socialite, who turned 28 Feb 17, was also joined by sister Nicky on the pole for Madonna`s `Like a Prayer.`"

It might seen tacky for Paris to show off her pole dancing skills to her guests, but what choice has does the dear girl have? It`s not like the failed singer and actress can exhibit her singing or acting skills, and it would have been a bit declasee for Paris to demonstrate her porn movie making skills.

I hope Paris Hilton enjoyed her birthday bash, she will soon reach the big 30 and she will be too old to garner much attention from the press.