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Published:March 8th, 2009 16:26 EST
PETA: Fur-Loving Madonna Is The Worst Dressed Celeb

PETA: Fur-Loving Madonna Is The Worst Dressed Celeb

By Robert Paul Reyes

Madonna recently unveiled her new clothing line, I`m sure it`s going to be a favorite for cougars on the prowl. I hope we aren`t going to see an army of cougars hitting the clubs dressed in leotards and cowboy hats.

The animal rights group PETA isn`t too impressed with the Material Girl`s fashion flair. PETA has named the ageing pop diva the worst dressed celebrity.

"When you see Madonna in fur, you realise why nobody has copied her style since 1984. We know she is on the prowl for a young cub, but someone needs to tell her that wearing fur doesn`t make you big," quoted a PETA spokesperson as saying.

Madonna is quick to adopt diverse and sundry liberal causes, so why doesn`t she throw away her furs? The pop star should stop wearing furs since it`s mainly older women who wear them.

Advice for Madonna: Listen girlfriend, wearing furs only serves to highlight your advancing age. Get with the program, join PETA and stop wearing the furs of dead animals.