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Published:March 9th, 2009 22:55 EST
Amy Winehouse Not Allowed To Enter US

Amy Winehouse Not Allowed To Enter US

By Robert Paul Reyes

In America we have a surfeit of bimbo celebrities; Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are undermining the very foundation of our democracy. If one of these twits does an Octomom and is implanted with eight embryos it will mean the end of Western Civilization.

For the sake of our country I hope that Miley Cyrus and the younger crop of celebs don`t turn into clueless clowns. We may survive the worst economy since the Great Depression, but we won`t be able to weather an influx of more bimbos.

"British singer Amy Winehouse will not get a work visa to travel to the United States in time to perform at a leading music festival because she was charged with assault last week, her spokesman said on Monday.

Winehouse, 25, had been expected to perform at the annual Coachella festival in California, where she was due to join acts including Paul McCartney and The Killers. According to the festival website, she was down to sing on April 18."

Our country has averted disaster, if Amy Winehouse came to America and introduced Lindsay Lohan and Spears to the pleasures of hard drugs our society would crumble.;_ylt=Ahvum0PHXOrVLiLQm0OJP01dDxkF