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Published:March 14th, 2009 12:17 EST
Cyndi Lauper Defends Fellow Cougar Madonna

Cyndi Lauper Defends Fellow Cougar Madonna

By Robert Paul Reyes


"American singer Cyndi Lauper has defended queen of pop Madonna`s relationship with Brazilian model Jesus Luz, after their 28 years difdference was criticised.

Madge, 50, has been seen with 22-year-old Luz at different locations, and in compromising positions. But 55-year-old Lauper insists that it is not fair to point fingers at Madge for having a younger boyfriend, especially since it is not unusual for a man to be seen with a woman half his age.

"You know, how many old geezers do you see with young women? What`s the double standard? Who cares?" Contactmusic quoted her as saying."

Cyndi Lauper hasn`t had a hit single in decades -- defending Madge may be the only way she has of garnering publicity.

When your nickname is "Madge", you should act like a mature woman and not like a young tramp. Lenny Bruce famously said that there`s nothing sadder than a ageing hipster, but I think there`s nothing more pathetic than an ageing trollop.

Madonna recently attended an event dressed like a Catholic school girl, the creepiness factor was off the charts. For God`s sake Madonna you are in your fifties.

If the 50-year-old cougar wants to maul her boy toy, she should do it in the privacy of one of her mansions and not in public where she will creep everyone out.

To answer Lauper`s question we see many old geezers with young women, and we make fun of the old codgers each and every time. Any blogger or entertainment journalist worth his salt won`t hesitate to ridicule Madonna for behaving like a raunchy teenager.