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Published:March 15th, 2009 12:12 EST
Warrant Issued For Celebrity Bimbo Lindsay Lohan

Warrant Issued For Celebrity Bimbo Lindsay Lohan

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan, reported.

Sources at the Los Angeles Police Department have reportedly told Hollyscoop they are searching for Lohan due to her failure to comply with court orders stemming from her last DUI arrest." FoxNews.Com

I have often criticized Lohan for her pantyless antics, alcohol-induced theatrics, and her epic fights with her girlfriend. But this time I must come to the defense of the pop tart. How can Lohan be expected to comply with court orders when she has her plate full hawking fake sun tan and leggings?

The poor child doesn`t even have time for singing or acting, she`s too busy selling products and fighting with her gal pal.

Failure to comply with court orders is probably copspeak for skipping a required drug test. Give the girl a break, how can she take a drug test when she is too busy looking for drugs? I have no inside information that Lohan is taking drugs, it just seems to me the only rational explanation for her bizarre behavior.

The Los Angeles Police Department could be mistaken for the Keystone Kops, but even they should be able to find the anorexic diva. They won`t find her at a recording studio or a movie set, but chances are they can nab her at a trendy restaurant or a glitzy nightclub.

I wonder if the cops have issued an APB for Lohan: Suspect has an orange tan glow, wearing leggings, and has the body shape of a broomstick.