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Published:March 18th, 2009 16:40 EST
Pop Tart Lohan Attends Substance Abuse Class

Pop Tart Lohan Attends Substance Abuse Class

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Actress Lindsay Lohan is trying to work on her image and has enrolled in a substance abuse class.

She enrolled herself in the class after the warrant issued for her arrest was cancelled, reports

Lohan wore dark glasses and attended the Right On programme that offers special classes licensed for the state of California.

I have to give Lohan credit for attempting to improve her image, but she`s such a train wreck that nothing short of joining a nunnery will improve her reputation.

If Lohan wasn`t wearing sunglasses (hiding bloodshot eyes?), I would be more optimistic about her chances of turning over a new leaf.

Nevertheless, enrolling in a substance abuse class is a step in the right direction. The pop diva needs to get serious about giving up the booze and the drugs if she wants to save her life and her career.

I hope that the young girls who idolize Lohan and are also into drugs will follow their idol`s example and enroll in a substance abuse program.