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Published:March 24th, 2009 13:01 EST
Madonna And Jesus Romance Over

Madonna And Jesus Romance Over

By Robert Paul Reyes

Madonna may have broken up with Jesus Luz. The romance of our century - Madonna and Jesus - may have finally run it`s course. Sources are saying Madonna is through with being cougar extraordinaire and has broken if off with Jesus. Nobody seems sure why, but some say it`s because she`s trying to adopt again and others say it`s because she`s jealous of younger women hitting on Jesus. The Insider

Madonna isn`t immune to the ravages of old age, the onetime nubile sex kitten is now an arthritic cougar. But old age hasn`t slowed down Madonna`s libido, she`s always hitting da club with a new boy toy.

Lately Madge has been making out in clubs with Jesus Luz, a young man who is decades younger than the Material Old Lady. Madonna and Child have been a fixture in the trendy restaurants and hot night clubs.

But the hot scoop in the blogs and entertainment tabloids is that Madonna and Jesus have called it quits. Madonna is a control freak, and she`s furious that she can`t stop Jesus from flirting with girls his own age.

When an old cougar hooks up with a young pup, it`s always the young pup who ends up scratched and battered. Jesus should be grateful he still has his manhood intact, and move on to bigger and better things.