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Published:March 25th, 2009 19:31 EST
Toryn Green: Lead Singer Of Fuel Living The Rock 'N Roll Dream

Toryn Green: Lead Singer Of Fuel Living The Rock 'N Roll Dream

By Mimi Amaral

     Since July, 2006, Toryn Green has been the lead singer for the hard rock band Fuel. Toryn entered the online competition, consisting of around 1300 applicants, and sure enough he was the front-man they were looking for, It was a lengthy process. The band posted an instrumental version of Hemorrhage on their site and welcomed all to submit a version with their vocals and image to the site. " Soon thereafter, CDs were cut and world tours began. Fuel`s last CD released, August, 2007, was called Angels and Devils.

     Toryn`s vocal talents, however, did not start and stop with Fuel. The soulful rock talent also was the front-man for the rock group Something To Burn. " While singing with STB the band competed in the Rock Beijing Global Competition and won, After a week of site seeing and catching up on Chinese culture, we played for 10,000 rock hungry fans at the MIDI festival in Beijing. " Two months later STB won the American Finals, and went on to represent the U.S. in Hong Kong for the World Battle of the Bands.

     Toryn described singing as a passion and love, so for him it comes naturally. However, he did say he dedicates time to strengthening his voice to keep it fit, For the most part I think the best thing is just keeping up with daily practice. On sick days I`ll go for hot tea. " He also mentioned that he noticed on his last tour that the more he sang the stronger his voice seemed to become, It almost seems that my voice gets stronger as a tour rolls on. On the last Fuel tour, the days off were maybe one a week, but I remember on this last Apocalyptica US Worlds Collide tour we played 11 shows in a row during one stretch. "

     Toryn`s musical influences run the gamut. He says good music is good music, I like most types of music from Metal to Classical, Country to R&B. To name a few: Zeppelin, Metallica, Bob Marley, Ozzy, Johnny Cash. " Toryn did mention that Fuel opened up for Aerosmith before he joined the band, and hopes to open for them again someday, Fuel opened for Aerosmith before my time, but I`d certainly like to have a go at that myself. " He also mentioned that he opened for Metallica last May, and said it was crazy fun, With Apocalyptica, we were lucky enough to go out before Metallica at a festival in Tuscon, AZ. "

     Fuel, for now, is taking a hiatus, These days, I usually get all my Fuel updates from Carl Bell. Usually around the same time and in the same way everyone else does. " Never fear though, Toryn does have a few things up his sleeve and to keep informed on what his personal plans are, go to: And, to keep up with Fuel, got to: and