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Published:March 26th, 2009 13:22 EST
Lindsay Lohan's Latest Humiliation

Lindsay Lohan's Latest Humiliation

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lindsay Lohan got some reel bad news this week: Her new movie, Labor Pains, is headed straight to cable.

The film`s production company, Nu Image/Millennium Films, has confirmed that the comedy will premiere on ABC Family in July 2009. It will be released on DVD a month later.

In the film -- which wrapped last August -- Lohan plays a woman who fakes being pregnant to save herself from being fired. She must then keep the lie going for nine months."

An established actress spends many months working long days filming a movie with the expectation and hopes that the payoff will be a blockbuster hit playing in thousands of screens.

It is the ultimate humiliation for a famous actress to have her movie head straight to cable. To make things worse Lohan`s film isn`t going to a premier cable station like HBO or Showtime, but to the obscure ABC Family.

It`s ironic that the skanky starlet`s latest movie has been picked up by a family-friendly network. When I think of Lohan`s panty-less antics and her drunken shenanigans in night clubs, the word "family-friendly" doesn`t come to mind.

This humiliation may be Lohan`s last wake-up call, if this doesn`t convince her to turn her life and career around, nothing will.