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Published:March 28th, 2009 14:49 EST
Malawi Grandma: Madonna Wants To Steal My Grandbaby

Malawi Grandma: Madonna Wants To Steal My Grandbaby

By Robert Paul Reyes


"THE granny of the Malawi girl MADONNA wants to adopt has vowed to stop the singer from `stealing` her.

Madge, 50, is nearing the end of a 19-month battle to make orphaned four-year-old Mercy James legally her daughter

Mercy has been living in a Malawi orphanage and Lucy claimed she was badgered by officials there over the adoption.

It`s not unusual for Paris Hilton to be photographed holding a tiny pooch, the pop diva treats her dog as an accessory that is guaranteed to draw attention.

Madonna treats African babies in much the same way, she loves to be photographed holding the African boy she adopted. Now the Queen of Sleaze is attempting to adopt another African baby to add to her collection.

The grandmother of the Malawi girl the Material Girl wants to adopt is furious, and is doing everything within her power to stop Madonna`s nefarious plan.

The poor granny said:

`"They told me when I visited her last month that they want to find a better education and home for Mercy.

`But I am sticking to the initia l agreement that Mercy will return home to me after she reaches six years old."`" TheSun.Co.UK

Mercy was sent to an orphanage after her mother died, but now the grandmother wants custody. Madonna may have gazillions in the bank, but the young girl belongs with her grandmother. Madonna spends most of her time cavorting with her boy toy of the month, she doesn`t have time to spend with her three children. The last thing Madonna needs is another baby she can play with when the cameras are rolling, and then pass on to a nanny when the paparazzi leave.