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Published:March 30th, 2009 12:38 EST
Lindsay Lohan Lacks Focus To Be A Model

Lindsay Lohan Lacks Focus To Be A Model

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan lacks the focus to be a model, according to male runway star Tyson Beckford.

After a series of spreads for top publications, including a nude shoot for New York magazine, the actress recently revealed she is on the lookout for more modeling work.

But Beckford insists she`ll never make it as a catwalk queen." SFGate.Com

It doesn`t take much intelligence, drive or talent to be a model. Someone hands you a skimpy dress to wear, you don a haughty express, and you walk down the catwalk like you`re constipated. Even an undisciplined bimbo like Lindsay Lohan could manage to do that, right?

Not according to top model Tyson Beckford, he insists that the pop tart doesn`t have the focus. Beckord is correct, Lohan is such a train wreck that she lacks the focus to walk a few feet without being distracted.

Lohan can`t find a record company to release her music, and no movie producer wants to touch her with a ten-foot pole. Now a supermodel is letting the clueless celebrity know that she isn`t welcome in the world of fashion.

I guess that Lohan will have to continue having epic catfights with her girlfriend if she wants attention from the press.