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Published:April 7th, 2009 14:21 EST
Samantha Ronson Kicks Lindsay Lohan To The Curb

Samantha Ronson Kicks Lindsay Lohan To The Curb

By Robert Paul Reyes


"After denying there was trouble in her relationship with Samantha Ronson last week, Lindsay Lohan confirmed on Monday that she and the DJ have broken up.

`We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself,` Lohan told E! News, which reported that the breakup occurred on Monday after some drama over the weekend between Lohan and Sam, as well as a few other Ronson family members.

Most entertainment journalists are of the opinion that it`s Ronson who kicked Lohan to the curb. The fact that the Ronson family has taken out a restraining order against Lohan lends credence to this view.

Lohan seems to be in denial, when your lover`s family files a restraining order against you it`s not a "brief break" it`s a permanent separation.

Lohan doesn`t need to focus on herself, the self-centered celeb needs to take her eyes off of herself and meditate on how she could be helping millions with her vast wealth and influence.

The Ronson/Lohan coupling wasn`t a sincere and beautiful lesbian relationship like DeGeneres/Portia, it was a freakin sideshow and I`m glad it`s finally history.