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Published:April 8th, 2009 19:16 EST
Lindsay Lohan Devastated By Breakup With Lovergirl Ronson

Lindsay Lohan Devastated By Breakup With Lovergirl Ronson

By Robert Paul Reyes


"After splitting from her DJ girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, Lohan says she`s in `absolute hell.`

`Everyone`s turned on me,` the 22-year-old singer and actress told Us Weekly magazine, adding that she feels `so alone` without Ronson.

`I`m just really hurt!,` Lohan said. `The whole situation is sick.`"

Lohan isn`t the only one who is in "absolute hell", journalists and bloggers who cover the entertainment world are devastated. The epic Lohan/Ronson catfights provided fodder for countless articles, we are going to miss covering the antics of the celebrity couple.

Lohan is absolutely right: The whole situation is sick! Her catfights with Ronson were sick (but entertaining)! Their mutually parasitic relationship was sick! Their public and ugly breakup was sick!

Lohan is wrong, everyone hasn`t turned agains her. The press loves Lohan, we are desperately praying that she finds another lover as quickly as possible. Maybe she can hook up with Amy Winehouse, that would provide plenty of fodder for entertainment journalists.