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Published:April 9th, 2009 17:11 EST
Why Was Old Fart Frankie Avalon On American Idol?

Why Was Old Fart Frankie Avalon On American Idol?

By Robert Paul Reyes


""American` Idol loves surprises, whether it`s finding new ways to torture the contestants as they await their fate, wacky themes - like next week`s `Idol` at the Movies" show with Quentin Tarantino - or throwing new twists into the mix, like this year`s one-time-only judges` save."

But on Wednesday night`s elimination show the producers of Fox`s powerhouse franchise came up with a surprise that had fans and critics scratching their heads.

Frankie Avalon made a surprise visit to the top-rated show singing his 1959 hit "Venus." Simon Cowell was born on the same year that song was a hit, and that`s the reason given why Avalon made an appearance.

Avalon`s toupee is older than most of the contestants, and I bet even their parents are too young to remember him. A few old ladies in rest homes may have swooned when Avalon hit the stage, but everyone else in America was thinking, "Who the hell is this old fart and why the hell is he on my favorite show?"

American Idol may survive Paul Abdul`s crazy behavior, but it will not survive another Avalon-like surprise. Avalon isn`t like his fellow old codger Tony Bennett who has talent and is still hip. Avalon is a former teen idol who shouldn`t be allowed near a microphone.