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Published:April 10th, 2009 10:26 EST
Paul Winston, "Multi-talented Actor Writes and Produces his own Movie"

Paul Winston, "Multi-talented Actor Writes and Produces his own Movie"

By Mimi Amaral

Paul Winston, Photo By: John ShalickyGetting noticed as an actor in the entertainment world is never easy, but Paul Winston got creative and chose to expand his talent to writing and producing as well. Paul`s first major production, Shattered Allegiance, is now being shown at multiple film festivals.

         Paul, playing Shawn Rourke, embraces his character and recreates the struggles of a young man in a white supremacist gang. Soon, unpleasant circumstances arise and his character begins to question the path he has been walking, The character struggles in and out of a white supremacist gang. There is a very apparent struggle for power of leadership and animosity within this gang and we see it pushed overboard when a terrible tragedy strikes. This tragedy urges Shawn to change his life for the better, but he may be too deep in this gang lifestyle to get out alive or to keep his family safe. "  Paul, while writing this film, had an idea of who he wanted to play each character: Eric Egan as Ricky, Lia Marie Johnson as Danielle, and Rourke Marques Pardue as Jermaine.


     Shattered Allegiance has recently been awarded "Best American Short Film" at the Swansea Bay Film Festival, in Swansea Bay, Wales. It has also been nominated for "Best First Film" at the Heart of England Film Festival.  The next showing of this film will be held at the British Film Festival of Los Angeles in Manhattan Beach, from May 3rd thru May 8th.  After that it will be shown at the International Film Festival in Ireland, from September 8th thru September 12th.


     Even though Paul has enjoyed the process of writing and producing, Shattered Allegiance, his passion still leans toward acting, Although I directed and produced Shattered Allegiance, Acting is my main focus, I truly love it! " Some of the people that Paul aspires to work with as an actor are: Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson and David Fincher immediately come to mind. Also, after meeting Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor at the CUT! Film Festival and seeing their quality work, I would love to work with them! "


     Soon Paul will be working on another independent film, which begins shooting in June, 2009, Pre production has begun on an independent film, I`m set to star in, it was written and will be directed by Javon Conaway. "  To continue following Paul Winston`s career go to his myspace at:, or, e-mail him at: To learn more and follow the movie Shattered Allegiance, visit the website at: