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Published:April 11th, 2009 14:57 EST
Even Paris Hilton Feeling Economic Pinch

Even Paris Hilton Feeling Economic Pinch

By Robert Paul Reyes

Socialite Paris Hilton is the symbol of extravagant wealth and wretched excess, but even the clueless celeb has been affected by the economic crisis. Hilton hasn`t been forced to sell any of the luxury vehicles in her fleet, and she hasn`t put any of her mansions on the market, but her reality TV show has been forced to downsize.

"Here`s a new economic indicator: the diminishing level of glamour on Paris Hilton`s reality TV show.

Contestants in season two of "Paris Hilton`s My New BFF" are living in a mansion that costs half as much as the home the show rented last season. Trips to New York and Tokyo are out this year, as the show`s production budget has been cut 10 percent." The Associated Press

If the economy continues its downward trend season three of Paris Hilton`s My New BFF the contestants will be living in a housing project in Compton, California. MTV which plans to air the Hilton reality show this summer, may opt to go with Perez Hilton instead of Paris Hilton for any additional seasons. I`m sure they can get save a lot of money by going with Perez instead of Paris.

The economy must really be in the dumpster if even reality shows are cutting costs. Reality shows are relatively cheap to produce because producers don`t have to hire actors or writers. It`s not a good sign when even reality shows feel compelled to cut costs.