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Published:April 11th, 2009 14:27 EST
Lindsay Lohan Is So Over Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan Is So Over Samantha Ronson

By Robert Paul Reyes


"And now more in the continuing saga of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. The two broke up April 3, and since then, Ronson has changed her locks, her mom and sister have inquired about a restraining order against Lohan and LiLo has poured her heart out to Us Magazine.

Now, Lohan is resorting to common post-breakup behavior by changing her hair and getting a new tattoo. How else is she coping? According to, she`s hitting the clubs -- three of them in one night, to be exact."

Immediately after breaking up with Samantha Ronson Lindsay Lohan declared that she was in "absolute hell." Breaking up with your lover is a traumatic experience, especially when the drama plays out before the whole world. Everyone can empathize with Lohan`s situation, and we wish her the best.

When you end a relationship it`s normal to get into a funk, but you should return to your normal routine as quickly as possible. For Lohan normalcy means bouncing from club to club until the wee hours of the night, and I`m thrilled that our girl is back to her skanky ways.

A self-centered celebrity like Lohan isn`t going to recharge her batteries by volunteering at a soup kitchen, but by dying her hair and getting a new tattoo. It`s all about Lindsay, and the fact that she`s preoccupied with her looks is a good sign that she`s back to normal.

I really do want the best for Lohan, as a columnist who writes about pop culture what would I do without her?