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Published:April 20th, 2009 14:06 EST
Lindsay Lohan May Star In Peepshow, A Las Vegas Topless Show

Lindsay Lohan May Star In Peepshow, A Las Vegas Topless Show

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Word on the street for quite some time has been that newly-single Lindsay Lohan is strapped for cash and unemployed, but it looks as though the 22-year-old may have finally found her forte: starring in a topless show in Sin City.

Lohan flew from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Saturday on the private plane of the producer of Mel B. and Kelly Monaco`s `Peepshow` to attend the grand opening of the sexy striptease production, but made the trip more importantly because she had a meeting scheduled with director and Broadway big-wig, Jerry Mitchell.",2933,517138,00.html

The Peepshow gig is perfect for Lohan, the pop diva has a penchant for showing off her breasts for free, why not get paid for flashing?

It`s becoming increasingly clear that Hollywood producers want nothing to do with the erratic and unreliable Lohan, a gig in a Vegas peepshow is the best she can hope for.

Vegas is the perfect milieu for the hard-drinking pop tart, she would find herself right at home. Lohan`s eccentric behavior wouldn`t raise an eyebrow in Sin City, Lohan and Las Vegas are a match made in heaven.

I just hope that Lohan doesn`t turn the job down because it isn`t risque enough, we all know how she loves to expose her nether regions.