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Published:April 22nd, 2009 15:33 EST
Madonna's Former Chef Dishes The Dirt On Her

Madonna's Former Chef Dishes The Dirt On Her

By Robert Paul Reyes

Madonna wants to adopt/buy another African baby, but is the Material Girl a Maternal Girl? Nine out of ten Americans will tell you that Madge cares more about her abs than she does about her children. But let`s see what someone who lived in Madonna`s mansion and observed her on a daily basis has to say:

"She gets up and has a coffee, then she does two hours of yoga. Then there`s two hours of Pilates and exercise. That`s six days a week. After that, she deals with her e-mail, her calls and the rest of her business. And after that, she spends maybe half an hour with the kids. If Lourdes comes in and says, `I want to see Mom,` she is told, `She`s doing yoga` - and Lourdes knows she can`t disturb Mom. Madonna puts herself before her kids. When she adopted little David, he arrived at her home from Africa - and three hours later, she left to do Pilates. Wouldn`t you think she`d want to spend the entire day with her new son?" Madonna`s former chef Eric Ienco (From PerezHilton.Com)

Lenny Bruce famously said that there`s nothing sadder than an ageing hipster, but I think there`s nothing sadder than an ageing pop diva. Instead of growing old gracefully, Madonna writhes onstage like she`s a nubile teenager. I`m not into granny porn, and when I watch clips of Madonna performing on stage I feel like throwing up. Madonna can work out like a dervish, but she can`t stop the clock and she can`t undo the ravages of time.

It`s obvious that Madonna doesn`t have any maternal instincts; her children are being raised by nannies. The elderly pop diva wants to adopt another baby as a publicity move, not because she loves children. I hope that no African country will let Madonna adopt a child.

The chef is speaking out at the right time; maybe his revelation will derail Madonna`s appeal of her denial of adopting little Mercy from Malawi.