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Published:April 24th, 2009 18:15 EST
Amy Winehouse Hits Beach Looking Like A Crackhead

Amy Winehouse Hits Beach Looking Like A Crackhead

By Robert Paul Reyes

I don`t expect a crackhead to be a fashion plate, but I was taken aback when I saw pics of Amy Winehouse in a strange getup at a beach.

With all her gazillions Amy Winehouse can afford to hire a person to dress her every day. After all as soon as she leaves her house the paparazzi start snapping photographs of the troubled singer.

When a famous pop star hits the beach she dons a bikini, it`s hard to screw that up. But leave it to Winehouse to hit the beach looking like a cross between a crackhead and a circus clown.

"The troubled star cut a rather bizarre figure as she hit the sand in St Lucia wearing a red bikini top teamed with a pair of blue dogtooth patterned leggings underneath some denim hot pants.

And to complete her holiday get-up she wore what looks like a piece of material wrapped around her arm as an accessory."

I`m not a metrosexual, but even I know that leggings are for cold winter nights -- not for hot summer days at the beach. Amy who is as white as Casper the Friendly Ghost desperately needs a tan; she should don a string bikini at the beach.