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Published:April 24th, 2009 16:38 EST
Britney Spears Leaves Her Vancouver Fans Steaming Mad

Britney Spears Leaves Her Vancouver Fans Steaming Mad

By Robert Paul Reyes

If I take out a second mortgage on my house to purchase tickets for a Barbara Streisand or Patty LaBelle concert, I will demand a refund if these consummate professionals forget their lines or cut their performances short for whatever reason.

But If while under the possession of a demon I buy tickets to a Britney Spears concert and she`s too drunk or too psychotic to perform, I wouldn`t ask for a refund. If she`s able to lip synch a couple of songs and dance without falling down, I would feel like I got my money`s worth.

"Vancouver fans want a refund from Britney Spears. They`ve started up a website where fans can sign a petition for refunds of the cost of their tickets for Britney`s interrupted show at GM Place last week.

The pop princess halted the concert for more than half an hour over complaints the air was too smoky. Website organizers say most of the smoke came from Britney`s own smoke and fog machines."

Demanding a refund because Spears halted her concert for a frivolous reason is as insane as demanding a refund because a Mike Tyson fight was halted after only 20 seconds because he chewed on his opponents` ear.

All that Britney`s fans should expect from the pop diva is that she be able to lip synch and dance without tripping. The bar is set pretty low for train wrecks and mental cases.

However if you feel that you are due a refund here`s a link to the online petition: