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Published:April 27th, 2009 12:04 EST
Lindsay Lohan Self-destructive. Ya Think?

Lindsay Lohan Self-destructive. Ya Think?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Actress Lindsay Lohan`s gaunt frame has shocked some of her closest friends who admit that the star is in a self destructive mode, wanting attention.

`She is a self-destructive person,` a source close to the `Mean Girls` star told People magazine.

`It`s all part of her cry for attention. She wants Sam (Lohan`s ex-girlfriend) to see how bad she`s hurting and she wants Hollywood to see her as a `tortured artist` who is wasting away. This is a symptom of something much bigger a desperate need to be noticed,` the source added referring to Lohan`s recent pictures."

"Lohan is a self-destructive person." As Homer Simpson would say, "Duh!" I never would have guessed, what other brilliant insights can I glean from surfing the Web:

*Bigfoot is shy, he doesn`t like to be seen by humans.

*Britney Spears lacks self-discipline

*Oprah Winfrey loves snacking on bon bons and Ding Dongs.

*Newsflash: Cypress Hill lyrics advocate smoking weed

Lindsay Lohan`s protruding ribcage, sinewy arms, gaunt face, and toothpick legs speak of her physical deterioration. But the pop tart`s physical decline pales in comparison to her spiritual degradation. At one time Lohan had good health, wealth and a vibrant and promising career as an actress and singer, but drugs, alcohol and self-absorption laid waste to her body and her mind.

Lohan needs help in overcoming her addictions to drugs, alcohol and fame, but she is in denial. One of those anonymous sources needs to tell Lohan to her face that`s she`s self-destructive.

If Lohan doesn`t get her act together fairly soon, instead of writing these snarky columns about the pop princess I will be penning her obituary.