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Published:April 30th, 2009 21:21 EST
Madonna Is Too Skanky To Be Allowed To Adopt A Child

Madonna Is Too Skanky To Be Allowed To Adopt A Child

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The father of Mercy, the Malawian child whom Madonna is hoping to adopt, has begun a bid to claim full custody.

James Kambewa reportedly said he wanted to spare his three-year-old daughter the "scandal" a life with Madonna would bring.

The 24-year-old, who has never met his daughter after walking out on her mother when she was pregnant, also accused the singer of lacking `good morals`."

A man who walks out on his lover when she is pregnant, and has never met his daughter isn`t exactly a paragon of virtue. But compared to Madonna, Kambewa is a gentleman and a scholar.

In recent years Madonna has tried to soften her image by penning children`s books, but the ageing pop star is still writhing on the stage like a nubile teenager.

Children love picture books, if Madonna adopts Mercy will she show her photographs from her pornographic book that depict the Material Girl in simulated sexual positions with a dog and individuals of both genders?

Mercy is not an orphan, her father wants to gain custody of his daughter. It would be a crime if Mercy is raised by a scandalous and dissolute pop star, and not by her loving father.

"Mr Kambewa has written a letter to lawyers asking for a permanent injunction against Madonna adopting her."


Madonna may have millions in the bank, but Kambewa has truth, justice and commonsense on his side. Let`s pray that Madonna fails in her bid to adopt another African baby.