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Published:May 1st, 2009 16:59 EST
Poor Lindsay Lohan: Ex-Lovers Deny Ever Knowing Her

Poor Lindsay Lohan: Ex-Lovers Deny Ever Knowing Her

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Handsome heir to the Hard Rock brand Harry Morton, who dated Lindsay Lohan for several months in 2006, wants so badly to shake off that time of his life that he`s now going so far as to deny their relationship ever happened in the first place!

`I didn`t really date her,` Harry says to Inked magazine."

It was well documented in the tabloids and entertainment magazines that Morton had a serious relationship with Lohan, he was even reported to have proposed to Lohan during their time together.

I don`t blame Harry for lying about his relationship with the pop diva, it`s an albatross around his neck that his main claim to fame is that he once bonked Lohan on a regular basis.

A poseur or a hanger-on could be forgiven for having a tryst with the Hollywood starlet, but to have a serious relationship with Lohan is evidence of a serious character flaw.

If Lindsay Lohan turns her life around, maybe guys and gals won`t deny that they once dated her.