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Published:May 1st, 2009 16:42 EST
Radio Talk Show Host Jay Severin Suspended For Anti-Mexican Comments

Radio Talk Show Host Jay Severin Suspended For Anti-Mexican Comments

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Jay Severin, the fiery right wing talk show host on Boston`s WTKK-FM radio station, was suspended yesterday after calling Mexican immigrants `criminaliens,` `primitives,` `leeches,` and exporters of `women with mustaches and VD,` among other incendiary comments.

Heidi Raphael, a spokeswoman for the station, said Severin had been suspended indefinitely from his afternoon drive-time show. She declined to say which of his comments - made since an outbreak of swine flu was linked to Mexico in recent days - sparked the suspension." Boston.Com/DavidAbel

It`s an outrage that WTKK has merely suspended Severin for his inflammatory, racist and unforgivable comments. This swine should immediatly be kicked to the curb where his gutter mouth would be right at home.

The spokeswoman for the radio station declined to say which of his comments sparked his suspension. That`s a joke, practically every word that comes out of this yahoo`s mouth is a fireable offense.

Severin isn`t an aberration in talk radio, there are scores of conservative talk show hosts who do only a marginally better job of disguising their racist views. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the other backbenchers frequently stir up anti-immigrant sentiments with their vitriolic tirades.

America owes a debt of gratitude to the hard-working, family-oriented Mexican immigrants who have enriched our culture and strengthened our economy.

The Mexican undocumented worker employed as a dishwasher represents the tolerance, vitality and strong work ethic that made America great. Severin represents the racism and intolerance that we must always be on guard against if America is to remain the greatest democracy in the world.