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Published:May 6th, 2009 12:30 EST
Paris Hilton: I Can Bring About World Peace By Throwing A Party

Paris Hilton: I Can Bring About World Peace By Throwing A Party

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Paris Hilton has suggested that she could end conflict between the US and other countries by throwing a party.

The socialite told Tatler that she would organise the bash as a means to achieve world peace were she president, Metro reports.

`I`d go over to them and throw a party, so they could all get together and get along and stop the war.`

She added that she was `helping the economy by doing a lot of shopping` during her current stay in the UK."

The horror! The horror. Paris shouldn`t joke about being president, the image of Paris in the White House is enough to give a little old lady a heart attack.

If President Paris Hilton threw a bash as a means to achieve world peace, chaos would erupt. If the Islamic leaders of Iran, Saudi Arabia and other other Muslim countries got a gander at President Hilton dancing sans underwear on top of a table, they would immediately declare war against the godless and corrupt United States.

Hilton should forget about world peace, and concentrate on what she does best: Shopping. Paris should go on a tour of all the major cities of the world and shops till she drops. Paris on a worldwide shopping spree will do more to revitalize the global economy than Obama`s economic policies.