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Published:May 8th, 2009 20:49 EST
Madonna Hires English Tutor For Boy Toy Jesus Luz

Madonna Hires English Tutor For Boy Toy Jesus Luz

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Pop superstar MADONNA is spending a staggering $1,000 a week on a tutor to teach her Brazilian boyfriend English.

The Material Girl has been dating model Jesus Luz, 22, since earlier this year (09), but is reportedly growing tired of his inability to pick up her native tongue."

Madge is getting a little bit long on the tooth, if she plans on keeping her Boy Toy for more than a few months she should also hire a nurse to teach him how to properly change her Depends.

The ageing pop star should hire a deprogrammer to stop her from employing her annoying phony British accent.

Jesus may hope to one day cash in if Madonna marries him, but in the meantime he has given up his family jewels. Madonna keeps him on a short leash, she prohibits Jesus from using his cell phone when they are together. To add insult to injury she hires a tutor to teach him to speak proper English. The over-the-hill diva is treating her young lover like a child.

This Madonna and Child relationship is growing tiresome, Madge needs to hook up with someone her own age.