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Published:May 8th, 2009 21:24 EST
Recent Movies Generating Controversy

Recent Movies Generating Controversy

By Robert Paul Reyes

During the spring and summer months the movie studios release their blockbuster flicks. The escapist fare playing in the cinemaplexes at this time of the year may not garner a lot of Oscar nominations, but they bring in crowds who want to forget about their problems if only for a couple of hours.

The more serious films that are likely to generate controversy are released in the winter. Motion pictures that feature car chases and exploding buildings are warmly embraced by everyone. Republicans and Democrats alike will chuckle as the action hero delivers a one-liner after decapitating a bad guy.

But in an interesting turn of events, many of the major releases opening this month are generating a lot of heat.

Terminator Salvation

At various online outposts outraged fans have been talking boycott since word slipped out that unlike its R-rated predecessors, this fourth installment in the "Terminator" series, which is set for release by Warner Brothers and Sony, would be rated a wimpy PG-13.

Star Trek

"You won`t be at the opening if Brian Drake h as his way. At Mr. Drake and about five dozen supporters have been warning Paramount, which is releasing the film on Friday that they plan to stay away unless the studio donates a portion of its opening weekend receipts for the exploration of outer space."

Angels and Demons

Since the movie`s premiere on Monday in Rome, Sony Pictures and Imagine Entertainment, which made the film, have been waiting to see whether the Vatican would call on Roman Catholics to stay away."


Cieply mentions several other films that are causing a lot of controversy; click the following link for the complete article:

I agree with fans of the Terminator franchise who are outraged that Warner Studios released a PG-13 rated Terminator movie. Heads should roll at Warner Studios; this bone-headed move may be the death of a bloody glorious series. In an epic battle between humans and robots, blood should be oozing from every frame and the damn thing should be rated R.

I hope Brian Drake and his geeky pals will boycott Star Trek -- true fans of Captain Kirk and Spock could care less if Paramount donates a portion of the receipts for the exploration of outer space, as long as the movie is exciting and fun to watch. But even if Drake and his nerdy friends stay away, the theatre will still be full of geeks.

The producers of Angels and Demons must be sorely disappointed; the Vatican has decided not to advise Roman Catholics to stay away from this movie. If a movie is banned by the Roman Catholic Church, it usually becomes a big hit.

There`s enough controversy and strife in the world of politics, movies (especially during the late spring and summer) should be about munching on popcorn, and forgetting about your problems for a little while.

The only thing generating controversy at the movie theatre should be the high price of admission. If you don`t like a movie, just shut up and go to one that is more to your liking. Let`s have fun at the movie theatres this summer!