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Published:May 11th, 2009 11:37 EST
Audience Thrilled When Storm Cuts Short Amy Winehouse Concert

Audience Thrilled When Storm Cuts Short Amy Winehouse Concert

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Even Mother Nature couldn`t handle Amy Winehouse`s lackluster comeback gig.

Heavy rains forced the trouble-ridden British singer to cut short a performance at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival on Friday, her first gig in 2009.

Fans couldn`t have been more pleased, according to the BBC.

During the hour-long set, Winehouse forgot lyrics, appeared distracted and inadvertently flashed her underwear before walking off the stage. At one point, the 25-year-old chanteuse even told the audience, `Sorry, I`m bored.`"

When you are a coke or heroin addict nothing compares to the high of the narcotic, not even performing on stage before thousands of fans.

I`m not surprised that the troubled singer was bored on stage, drugs have robbed her of her first love: Music! The Rehab singer needs to enter a rehab facility and straighten out her life.

Mother Nature did the fans at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival by driving the crazy chanteuse from the stage. Winehouse shouldn`t return to the stage until she`s drug and alcohol free, and can give her fans their money`s worth.

Music lovers pay good money to hear Amy sing her heart out, and they won`t be satisfied with a bored and lackluster performance. Amy better get herself together before she loses her fans for good.