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Published:May 13th, 2009 12:27 EST
Born Again Carrie Prejean: More Nude Pics May Surface

Born Again Carrie Prejean: More Nude Pics May Surface

By Robert Paul Reyes

Born again Miss California Carrie Prejean wouldn`t know the truth if it bit her surgically enhanced breasts. When the first semi-nude photo of Prejean surfaced on the Internet, Prejean claimed it was the only risque pic she ever posed for. The beauty queen also insisted that the image was taken when she was a naive 17-year-old. Liar, liar your skanky hot pants are on fire. Several new  nude pics of Prejean have been published online, and the first naked pic that was released was taken recently, not when she was a teenager. That first picture shows Prejean with her huge silicon-enhanced breasts, and she got her boob job a few months ago.

When more scandalous snapshots materialized online, Prejean claimed that they were digitally manipulated. Yeah right!

When the first likeness of Prejean appeared online that showed her nipples, her explanation was priceless: "The wind was blowing that day." In the topless pic she was wearing an unbuttoned vest -- even a simpleton should be able to figure out how to button a vest. I won`t even mention that it wasn`t a windy day as evidenced by the fact that in the pic her hair wasn`t blowing.

Prejean has admitted that more erotic images of her may be out there. Ya think? When a more explicit photograph appears online what will her excuse be? I thought the photographer was a gynecologist?

Prejean may have retained her crown, but she has lost all her credibility.