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Published:May 14th, 2009 15:36 EST
Born Again Carrie Prejean's Hypocrisy Renders Her Useless As Role Model

Born Again Carrie Prejean's Hypocrisy Renders Her Useless As Role Model

By Robert Paul Reyes

Miss California Carrie Prejean must not have looked too closely at her contract she signed with the Miss California pageant, she missed the part about notifying pageant officials about any racy photographs.

The intellectually-challenged beauty queen probably hasn`t read her Bible too carefully either, she simply spouts nonsense she has heard from her preacher. Why doesn`t she warn her born again brethren that they are going to hell for wearing polyester outfits and for eating shellfish. The Old Testament punishment for committing these sins is death!

Prejean also missed the countless passages in the Bible that admonish a woman to be modestly dressed. I don`t think exposing your nipples in a photo shoot qualifies as "modestly dressed."

Why are evangelicals so fixated on homosexuality? Jesus didn`t have one word to say about homosexuality, but he condemned pride and religious hypocrisy in no uncertain terms. In Massachusetts gays and lesbians have been free to marry for years, and the sky hasn`t fallen and the Antichrist hasn`t revealed himself to the world.

Carrie Prejean is no role model for Christians or godless liberals, she is a lying hypocrite. Intelligent adults won`t pay any attention to her when she rails against same-sex marriage.