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Published:May 14th, 2009 17:43 EST
Sarah Palin Lends Support To Born Again Carrie Prejean

Sarah Palin Lends Support To Born Again Carrie Prejean

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Sarah Palin has come to the defense of Miss California Carrie Prejean, who been the center of controversy after expressing concerns about gay marriage.

`The liberal onslaught of malicious attacks against Carrie Prejean for expressing her opinion is despicable,` said the Alaska governor and former GOP vice presidential candidate in a statement. `Our Constitution protects us all - not just those who agree with the far left.`"

I`m not surprised that one intellectually-challenged and inarticulate beauty queen has come out in support of another intellectually-challenged and inarticulate beauty queen.

Governor Sarah Palin should stop neglecting the affairs of the state of Alaska, and stop trying to grab headlines to keep herself in the public eye. Palin should stop worrying about Carrie Prejean, and keep a close eye on her daughters lest one of them spits out another baby.

Carrie Prejean wasn`t in danger of losing her Miss California crown for declaring her opposition to gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant, but for failing to disclose to pageant officials that she has posed naked numerous times .

This is not a free speech issue, Prejean is in trouble because she`s a liar and a hypocrite.

Prejean answered Perez Hilton`s question honestly, and that should have been the end of it. But after the pageant Prejean went on a crusade to vilify homosexuals, speaking out in churches and in a PSA against same-sex marriage. Prejean should stop worrying about what gays and lesbians do in their bedrooms, and make an honest attempt to dress modestly as the Bible admonishes.