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Published:May 18th, 2009 13:12 EST

Finally Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Offered A Movie Role

By Robert Paul Reyes

Lindsay Lohan makes headlines because of her eccentric behavior and erratic personal life. Lohan is a paparazzi magnet -- the hardworking photographers know that if they follow her long enough they will be rewarded with a pic of the pop tart exposing her genitals or doing a line of coke.

It`s hard to remember that Lohan rose to fame as a precociously talented actress starring in such hits as "The Parent Trap", "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls"

Lindsay Lohan is making headlines because she`s been offered a role in the indie fantasy comedy "The Other Side". When an actress makes the news because she`s been offered a role in a movie, that`s a sure sign that her career is in serious trouble.

The movie`s producer is taking a huge risk by hiring the undependable and unpredictable pop tart -- let`s hope that the pop tart doesn`t blow it. Woody Harrelson, Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette will also be appearing in "The Other Side". If Lohan doesn`t come to the set on time and play by the rules, her next movie won`t feature such a sterling cast.

Lohan the train wreck is a lot of fun to cover, but Lohan the gifted actress is a lot of fun to watch on screen. I`m wishing Lohan success in her new film.