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Published:May 22nd, 2009 15:26 EST
Who Won American Idol Bikini Contest: Bikini Girl Or Judge Kara DioGuardi?

Who Won American Idol Bikini Contest: Bikini Girl Or Judge Kara DioGuardi?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Millions of Americans tuned in to the American Idol grand finale to see who would be the new champion: Kris Allen or Adam Lambert. In a huge upset the mild-mannered Allen beat the energetic and charismatic Adam Lambert.

But at the end of the show most people weren`t talking about Lambert and Allen, but about the sing-off between Bikini Girl and American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.

"A seemingly new and improved bikini-girl made a last minute comeback on the grand finale of `American Idol,` but even her, ahem, enhancements couldn`t upstage host Kara DioGuardi, who had the final word in a surprising sing-off.
Katrina Darrell was on the show to receive a `Golden Idol` Award, given out to contestants who were exceptional for qualities other than their singing. She was honored for having the "Best Attitude."
Judge Kara DioGuardi snuck up behind her after she began a faltering version of `Vision of Love,` proving she could far out-sing Darrell, with whom she often clashed during the regular season.

In a fitting end to the vocal throw-down, DioGuardi proved she could outmatch Darrell at her strong suit as well as the `Idol` set became the stage for a bikini competition.

DioGuardi ripped open her dress to expose her own bikini bod, before quickly covering up again."

I have to hand it to the American Idol producers, they are marketing masters. It was a stroke of genius to award Bikini Girl a "Golden Idol" award as an excuse to bring her back to show off her hot bod. 

I don`t know if Bikini Girl has taken any voice lessons in the past few weeks, but it`s clear she paid a visit to a plastic surgeon. Bikini Girl`s vocal chords leave a lot to be desired, but her new girly assets get the Robert Paul Reyes seal of approval. 

Bikini Girl`s claim to fame is that she looks fantastic in a bikini, but judge Kara looks even hotter. I feel sorry for Bikini Girl, DioGuardi is clearly the better singer, and she looks much better in a bikini than Bikini Girl. 

DioGuardi is a Vision of Love -- "American Idol" should be renamed "DioGuardi`s American Idol Show." If next season DioGuardi wears a bikini for every show "Idol`s" ratings will go through the roof.