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Published:May 23rd, 2009 13:05 EST
Adam Lambert Didn't Win American Idol Because He Is Gay

Adam Lambert Didn't Win American Idol Because He Is Gay

By Robert Paul Reyes

Adam Lambert was the overwhelming favorite to win the American Idol competition. Lambert has stage presence, charisma, energy, and a terrific voice. But in a huge upset the flamboyant Lambert lost to the low-key and more mainstream Kris Allen.

Why did the boy next door win over the glam boy? Lambert had everything in his favor, the American Idol judges made no secret that he was their golden boy.

Let`s cut to the chase: Did Adam Lambert lose because he`s gay. Before Clay Aiken came out of the closet there might have been a few individuals in America who didn`t know that the geeky American Idol finalist was gay. But there isn`t a single person in the world who doesn`t know that Lambert is a homosexual. Lambert dons eyeliner and nail polish, and not to mention that there are tons of pics online that depict him kissing other guys.

It`s not just 13-year-old girls who follow the American Idol competition; the show`s demographics cut a wide swath across America. Folks in Middle America didn`t mind voting for Lambert in the earlier rounds, but when it came to where the rubber meets the road, they didn`t want a gay guy to walk away with the American Idol crown.

In my humble opinion Adam Lambert lost because he`s gay -- period! Fortunately, Lambert didn`t need to win American Idol to have a successful career. I predict that he will leave Kris Allen in the dust, when it comes to record sales.

I`m a fan of Lambert and Allen, actually I wish them both nothing but the best.